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CIMC Trailers for Sale  CIMC Group  CIMC Vehicles Group Co Ltd


CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd began to manufacture and sell semi-trailers in 2002, and have been the world's largest semi-trailer manufacturer in terms of total sales volume for consecutive since 2013.

In 2022, the market share of semi-trailers of CIMC Vehicles Group in China increased to 14.45%, and the CIMC Group ranked first in China for the fourth year in a row. Market Share of SDC in UK ranked first. Market The CIMC ranked first in China in terms of the sales volume of concrete mixer trucks for the sixth year in a row and had 26.32% of the market in China.

“Intercontinental Operation, Local Manufacturing”is the CIMC’s most valuable competitive advantage, and it is the key to maintaining sustained growth and leading position in the global semi trailer industry.

By the end of 2022, CIMC Vehicles Group has more than 600 technical R&D personnel around the world, more than 1,400 registered patents, and has led or actively participated in the formulation of 30 national and industry standards for semi-trailer and truck bodies in China.


CIMC Trailers for Sale  CIMC Group  CIMC Vehicles Group Co Ltd


CIMC primarily engage in the manufacture and sale of semi-trailers and truck bodies for specialty vehicles. CIMC semi-trailer product lines mainly include chassis and flatbed trailers, container chassis, fence trailers, low bed trailers, tanker trailers. And CIMC Group also supply various brands of trucks, like Sinotruk, Shacman, Foton and Faw.

CIMC Vehicle is a leading Chinese semi trailer exporter. CIMC Vehicles Group is a professional trading firm, specializing in providing international markets with a variety of CIMC SEMI TRAILER.


CIMC Trailers for Sale  CIMC Group  CIMC Vehicles Group Co Ltd


As a CIMC truck trailer supplier, CIMC Vehicles Group Co Ltd is positioned strategically in the global market.

And the products are mailnly exported to Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Angola, Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan, Vietma, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, and other overseas market.

With a rich experience of 13 years, we have acquired the requisite expertise and excellence in our domain.We have an annual sales volume of ten million dollars business, containing 600-700 units CIMC semi trailers.

Large R&D team, Strict quality control, Professional service - Our comany is your best choice of long-term partner!



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