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CIMC Interlink Trailer

CIMC production the Superlink trailer for sale is mainly used to transport the container, the 20 foot interlink trailer can carry one 20 ft container, used for docks, harbors and other place.
CIMC production the Side Tipper Trailer , Interlink Side Tipper Trailer , Interlink Trailer for Sale , Double Interlink Side Tipper Trailer for Sale.
CIMC production the 40ft Container Interlink Flatbed Trailer for Sale , interlink flatbed trailer for sale , interlink trailer.
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marasha from Zimbabwe - 2021-12-22T17:12:36+0800
I was looking for a interlink trailer that was big enough for the projects I am working on without costing a fortune. This CIMC interlink trailer is just as sturdy as it looks in the pictures.