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Chemical Tanker Trailer

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1. What is an acid tanker semi trailer?

The acid tanker semi trailer is used for transporting different kinds of acids such as: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid and Acetic acid among others as used for different industrial applications.

Acid Tanker Trailer produced to transport the chemical liquid with a single compartment, 5,000-gallon sulfate transportation solution.

CIMC chemical tanker trailer for sale has different requirements for tank material depending on the characteristics of the medium being transported. Common sulphuric acid tanker materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

CIMC acid tanker trailer for sale

CIMC 3 axle acid tanker trailer for sale


2. CIMC sulphuric acid tanker trailer specification:

Dimension: 10460mmx2500mm x3400mm (the exact size depends on the final design)

Total volume(m³): 20m³ , Optional 19-42 m³

Tank Body Material: Carbon steel Q235B

Discharging Valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch Stainless steel

Axle: 3 axles

Suspension: Mechanical suspension/Air Suspension

Pneumatic Braking System: WABCO

ABS: Optional

Painting: Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layer of top coats.

Accessories: One standard tool box

CIMC 20cbm acid tanker trailer drawing

CIMC 20cbm acid tanker trailer drawing


3. CIMC chemical tanker trailer advantages:

The inside and outside of the tank are treated with fine anticorrosive paint. With no joints, no leakage, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, long life and other characteristics, it is suitable for storage and transportation of most acids and hydrochloric acid. Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

For the sulphuric acid tanker, CIMC produce the most strong acid tank body to make sure the safety. We adop 5mm thick steel to weld the tankers, also use special design, like the 10 pcs strengthened steel ring to reinforce the Dilute Sulfuric Acid tanker trailer.

To keep the Acid tanker trailer safety, we use the stainless steel emergency bottom valve also the discharge valves, this type is anti-corrosion, so it can make the chemical tanker trailers to have long service life.

CIMC has strong technical force, and can design and manufacture products that satisfy customers.

CIMC chemical tanker trailer details display


4. How to maintain the CIMC acid tank trailer?

The long-term corrosion effect in steel chemical storage tanker is the continued thinning of the tank wall section, especially at lower levels. This leads to imperfections of the shell.

The service life of these storage tanks is normally estimated to be in the range of about 20-40 years. To guarantee the safe operation of storage tank, the thickness of the tank should be tested once at least every two years, and every five years for an internal inspection at least.

There are quite a number of damage mechanisms that can cause the deterioration and failure of a storage tank. The integrity of a tank structure should therefore be check against, corrosion, chemical attack, erosion, creep, fatigue, mechanical damage and brittle fracture.

CIMC chemical tanker trailer details display



Mantswe Mantswe from Ghana - 2021-12-22T16:12:19+0800
We've been using it for about 2 months to transport oil. Everything is used normally. And many local customers are also using CIMC fuel tanker trailers.